Bootstrapped, profitability reached, now want to Split it!

Hey Guys,

Been around for a while now, and while I have created a nice and profitable Theme / Plugins business, it is a long trip and I am a bit tired right now, so I am looking for someone where we will be able to split the business, so I can focus on development.

The company is generating 100% profit right now, without any expenses at all, as they are all covered.
I want someone who wants to take 50% of the company into profits, with a really small fee ( as it is already generating the money ), so I can focus the next 2 months on developing and releasing new plugins, that will increase the account earnings to double or triple.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to discuss further.

Thanks a lot

Sorry but I am confused… You want someone to take 50% of your profits and in return do what exactly? Support? Marketing?


@Basilakis, I suggest you not to be in hurry, dont give your company to someone else. better hire someone or optimize your techsupport/development so you can do everything yourself.


Thanks a lot for contacting me, I do appreciate it.

Account I have right now, is doing 500$ / month. I want to boost that to higher levels.
I have started working on a Cache Plugin ( cache, image compression, cdn, database optimisation ), some Visual Composer Addons converted for Fusion Builder ( avada new builder, where they do have
250.000 customers, that means if I get 500 for each of the addons, it
will be a mass revenue ) and some WooCommerce Plugins, Marketing

While, I do have the ideas and I do implement everything with my coding skills, I do not have enough time to do it.
To gather the time to grow the account x2 or x3, I need to have 2 months of work, doing nothing from client work, but just the work here. Those months after, will be also the last client work, as while account will be doubled, I will be able to focus on the work I have for the plugins.

Also, I do have coded the only plugin, available in the market that can create dropshipping sites for users, in a blink of an eye.

Basically, I want a partner, where I can share, bootstrap the rest of the two months and focus on growth after of the account. Partnership is way famous on those type of accounts into marketplaces, and most of succesfull business do have that.

If something is not clear, let me know!

Hey guys,

I will do bump it here.
I am already working on new stuff, 3 more plugins not published into the account.

I would appreciate any interest.

Thanks a lot


To better understand your needs. You are looking for a partner that can provide $$ for you to work the next 2 month only on this project? releasing new plugins and stuff.

Is this correct?


Nop. Right now, I am selling a " library " of 15 premium plugins, that generate income.
I am working on a new project, I can not keep it " going " any more, so I think it is better to let it go, so I can focus on more important stuff for me right now :slight_smile:

Price is low and pretty fair.

So you want to sell?

Hey Daniel,

Thanks a lot for coming back to me.
yes, right now that is my interest as I am focusing on some new stuff.
I have 4 plugins ready but not published also, for someone who wants to take over.

Thanks a lot

I’m trying to follow along here but I’m a little confused.

Which of these are you looking for?

  1. You’re looking to take on an equity stake partner at 50% ownership in exchange for that partner to take over the responsibilities of marketing, sales, and biz dev so that you can focus solely on technical matters and product development?

  2. You’re looking to sell an equity stake of 50% ownership of the company for some fixed dollar amount, and for that partner to take over marketing, sales, and biz dev while you do development?

  3. You’re looking to simply sell 50% ownership of the company to someone to raise some amount of money so that you can focus on development - the partner would own 50% but would not have to do marketing, sales, or biz dev?

Hey @cliffordoravec

Thank a lot for your reply and I am sorry it si not clear.

Yes - a month before - it was for a 50 - 50 spare.
But right now, I have been on some new stuff.
So, what I aim is, to get away from the plugin business ( those who exists + the new one ) and move on to the new adventure I am in. As they do require some time per month, I would prefer to focus on what I am doing and not have to do something else.

Please feel free to ask me anything else.

Thanks a lot

If you want to sell the business, reach out to, they can help you estimate the value of the business and tell you what you need to do to make it sellable in the first place.

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I agree. Have not used FE personally but have heard great things about them from numerous other bootstrappers/self-funders. Word on the street is they are very professional and will be straight up about what you should expect.

Hey Guys,

I do Theme / Plugin business for more than 10 years now and I have sold previously my other companies also.
I do know what and how much to except, and I also know that I am giving it " free " for what it maters, based on it income and the unpublished value of the items that I hold.

I am not interest for any broker to join and do any deal. I am straitforward for my needs and I want to go to my next adventure.
Hope you get me.