, episode 93, “Thinner, Leaner, Meaner”

In this episode we discuss Ian’s “mancation”, if Seinfeld still has it, an update on Andrey’s weight loss and his new app, and more.

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Re: MyKanban.

I believe that Kanban board has very little sense for a personal use unless you make the lanes customizable and boards shareable.

In the classical Kanban the “In Progress” lane is for others (not you) to see what tasks are already taken.

In personal Kanban you already know what tasks you have started doing, so what’s the point in that lane?

But if you get rid of it, it would be just another TODO list, with a very fancy way to draw a checkbox.

It can be saved to some extent by making the lanes configurable, but even then the main function of Kanban - simple coordination within a team - is simply not there.

So I believe to make this application useful you need to make the boards shareable. (Not sure maybe you did, I was listening while driving, and had to get distract to participate in the road rage from time to time).