episode #84: You’re on an Air, Butov - an Air!

Butov needs a laptop upgrade, Ian wants simpler basketball video games, and they both talk about virtual reality.

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WRT Andrey’s situation, I’ve heard venture capital firms have management folks they reuse on startup after startup. I don’t know if they would consider doing that with developers. Someone able to work long hours and deliver working apps to startup after startup could be very appealing to a VC firm. There are probably other benefits to both parties, but the first step would be reaching out to some VC firms. Just a thought I had listening to the episode.

Just listened to the episode. The VR stuff sounds amazing.

Andrey, what VR setup do you have? Any recommendations?

I was listening to that “but 20K is a lot of money” and it has puzzled me a bit - PM has a budget. It is a trivial action to tell them in the beginning of the month/sprint/project - “I’m estimating I’ll need to work NNN hours this month, so expect a bill of $$$$$”. If it is outside of their budget, they would say so and then there are options - scale down hours, reduce the scope, whatnot - without a mutual upset.

I send my estimations to my client at first week of the month, when the scope and the pace becomes clearer, and I yet to hear a single complain for my bills, tho they are sometimes rather large.

Maybe I misunderstood the situation (I was listening while jogging so could have missed nuances), but it seems to me that Andrey played an introvert and did not communicate to the client the consequences of his “working as many hours as you want”.

I have an HTC Vive. That’s the one I’d recommend if you have room for it.

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