, Episode 51, “Special Guest: Matt Stauffer”

Download this episode, in which we’re joined by special guest, Matt Stauffer ( @mattstauffer ), to talk about bootstrapping a SaaS while running a consultancy full-time, happiness, Laravel, structuring your day, hiring developers, work & family, gritty TV shows, and Star Trek!

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On bootstrapping SaaS to $100K (hate the…)

  • IIRC Atlassian didn’t offer SaaS for the first few years. Instead Jira was a once-off self-hosted purchase, costing a couple of thousand dollars for unlimited users. Jira online, paid monthly, came much later, as did their numerous other products.
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Bah, forgot they weren’t saas. Yeah don’t think they had SaaS for a pretty long time.

They’re off the list.