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Bootstrapped.fm, Episode 51, “Special Guest: Matt Stauffer”


Download this episode, in which we’re joined by special guest, Matt Stauffer ( @mattstauffer ), to talk about bootstrapping a SaaS while running a consultancy full-time, happiness, Laravel, structuring your day, hiring developers, work & family, gritty TV shows, and Star Trek!


On bootstrapping SaaS to $100K (hate the…)

  • IIRC Atlassian didn’t offer SaaS for the first few years. Instead Jira was a once-off self-hosted purchase, costing a couple of thousand dollars for unlimited users. Jira online, paid monthly, came much later, as did their numerous other products.


Bah, forgot they weren’t saas. Yeah don’t think they had SaaS for a pretty long time.

They’re off the list.