, Episode 50 "50"

This week we fail to discuss that it’s our 50th episode, family impact on development, Andrey might be hiring a helper so contact him, crazy contract work, Servers for Hackers, UTF–8, Bootstrapped app we don’t have time for, Markdown, Moto X review, a plumber will run UserScape for a day

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Congratulations on making it to Episode 50!

Ian, if you want a starting point for making a game, try to make a basic game in a weekend and watch for ideas to enhance it.

If you want mobile-specific tutorials, try the ones at

Regarding the print book: Createspace, owned by Amazon, give you a free ISBN, and they distribute for free to Amazon and other big wholesalers.

You can also opt in into a scheme that puts your book on the list that libraries and schools use to buy their books.

And it is completely free, though you have format your book for print (though this can be outsourced).

Ian, in the ep you talk about how you shouldn’t need to manage servers or VM’s any more it should just be a “grid” where you load files and it manages itself. That is pretty much how works.

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No time!! But thanks for link will have to check it out.

I don’t think so. I’m aware of hosted VM’s that’s not really the same thing as a service that just magically manages everything for you.

I think in theory Google App Engine is much closer, but has a lot of weird restrictions, etc.

Azure is not really hosted VM’s. That is an option for dev’s who just can’t let go of their remote desktop connection or for legacy apps, but their main play is PaaS, just load your files and go. Azure and Google App Engine are pretty much the same, Azure just has many more features. AWS is totally different.

Azure Cloud Services is the thing you really need to look at

Also remember, even though it is a Microsoft platform it doesn’t require you to use .NET, you can just Java, Rails, PHP etc.

Maybe… that first page looks good but the pricing and stuff is all just per instance. Auto scaling isn’t really what I mean exactly but still interesting.