, Episode 45, "Adventures in Hacker News"

Download this episode, in which Ian and Andrey discuss taking a vacation while bootstrapping, the craziness of Hacker News, LaraJobs, Scribbleton, installing desktop software, mods, git, pity purchases, Linux desktop apps, Walmart, the new square BlackBerry, Commodore 64, consulting work, how much it costs to build an app, shutting down a SaaS that isn’t performing, who handles support, bad web hosting, Martha’s Vineyard, American Presidents, Ian posting Scribbleton on Hacker News and causing trouble.

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I forget if I’ve asked you this already, but have you considered a transcript? Even the kind of rough ones like Rob & Mike have are about 1000 times better than audio for me.


We hadn’t considered a transcript; we may take a look into putting in something.


Reddit/HN is where all these kids who swear on X-Box go when they grow up

Comment of the month!

For those who want to re-live what Andrey went through, here’s the link:

My favourite comment:

10 bucks for this sounds too much, even though … I had maintained offline wikis myself in the past for this exact purpose

People really value their time… not, eh?

P.S. I just realized I use Sublime Text as my professional Wiki… and it is not a good platform for it. I should try Scrib.