, Episode 37, "Hush! The grown-ups are talking."

In this episode, we discuss tax credits, branding and positioning, JitBit, John Carmack, Oculus, Zuckerberg, young people running companies, VR,, Snappy, marketing tracking software, naming projects, and growth hackers vs. bootstrappers.

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So basically, you cried the whole time?

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Guys, another great episode.

  1. I was intrigued by the use of the word frumpy. In my part of the world, it means:
    "(of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned. eg. ‘a frumpy housewife’"
    I guess the mental image I had of Andrey was inaccurate.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful description of Oculus. I was listening while going in a tourist train up the mountain in Rio de Janeiro to see the enormous statue of Jesus. The description was so captivating, I managed to ignore the tourist babble around me. You got me enthusiastic about Oculus and wanting their VR headset. Then I realised Facebook now owns it, and I got really dejected.

  3. I’ve worked out how to tell who is talking at any given time. The one with the deep, seductive voice made for radio is Andrey, right?

Correct! Especially when I’m being frumpy.

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I’ve heard frumpy used in that way, but I apply it to anyone who’s kind of sulking and perhaps being a bit testy :smile:

Also that someone was listening to us while being a tourist in Rio is both really cool and makes me sad that it wasn’t me there.

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@ian I listened to the previous podcast in the Amazon rainforest…your voices, frumpy or otherwise, are playing in some exotic places… :smile:

The differences in US and British English are a source of continual amusement for me. Especially when American talk about being “bummed”. ;0)


We also mean something different when we’re “pissed”, which, I guess, in England, could lead to being “bummed.” :smile:

Depends on the sort of company you keep! =:0+


We gotta do a show from the Amazon sometime


@ian what was that product that you mentioned around 0:48? “Power Dot” or something like that. Sounded like some sort of sales platform that ended up not working out for you. Curious to know what that was. Thanks.

It was Pardot,


Are you willing to share the spec that you came up with for that elusive system that you are looking for? Or at least the main bullet points of its capabilities? You never know… someone might be lurking on these forums hoping to find an idea for a business…