, episode 34, "Don't Shake the SaaS Tree."

In this episode, we discuss confusion over our voices, taxes, vacation, Disney tracking your meat, off topic, doppelgängers, SPF records, Al Bundy/Married With Children, Evernote, pruning your twitter account, Groupon marketing genius, Flappy Bird and the mobile cesspool, Rick Ellis, product first mindset, we’re over SaaS.

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Bah, I always forget to add this! Thanks.

@andrey @ian, good podcast. I agree you hit your stride towards the end.

I’d really like to hear more about this “we’re over SaaS” thing. What are the technical, economical, or organizational reasons for this attitude? What business model would you prefer? Maybe you discussed this already, but I think it would be a good topic for a future podcast.


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Good idea, we’ll try and hit that on the next ep. I think we’ve covered it in parts but not as a cohesive topic.

Guys! We can tell your voices apart. We just don’t know who each voice belongs to. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to complete episodes of your podcast without you ever saying who is who.

Maybe try saying each other’s name periodically during the podcast. “So Ian, tell me…” or “Andrey, you are completely right…” or something regularly through the podcast for the sake of us listeners? :smile:

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Cool. I look forward to it. I’ve had a few thoughts on the topic lately.

Ian - I saw this and it reminded me of your recent hire! :slight_smile:,35380/

Obviously I mean this respectively, I’m sure your new hire will produce useful stuff and not the drivel that the Onion is referring to.

haha, nice. I agree with Onion so let’s hope so :slight_smile:

@ian @andrey I don’t know if you guys recorded the episode yet, but I’m wondering if this sort of thing comes into play for you:

It seems these scenarios are on the rise. From personal experience I know the Linode data center my VPS is on is attacked fairly routinely, and my uptime suffers as a result. Does pure Software as a Service (as in completely web-based apps) have a future in a world like this?

Yeah, DDoS is yet another reason SaaS is really scary :smile:

I don’t think there’s any going back, everyone will just pay services to protect them eventually. No going back to everyone downloading software, at least not with SaaS backends (like for apps) but still. The low early revenue and the high stress and uptime requirements always make me wonder why people talk so highly with no negatives on SaaS :slight_smile: