, Episode 26, "Party All the Time"

Andrey sings Party All the Time by Eddie Murphy, booze, big UberDeck update, marketing, Snappy mobile app, mobile app reviews, VM’s,16 terminals tiled (huh?), everything is noodles (huh?), coworking, healthcare plans, more marketing, doing marketing under your own name, Ian’s idea for a new app

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@andrey you should take a look at BitTorrent Sync, maybe it can replace your bizarre system of mounted drives on virtual images for sharing files between machines.

Thanks Jacob. I’ll definitely take a look.

Thanks for an interesting discussion about your marketing efforts. I can really relate to your ongoing struggle, as I’m trying to sell my own software products.

Lately, I’ve spent my time building an automated marketing system. It’s has a mix of features found in, drip and other CRM/marketing tools.

Whether you choose to roll your own marketing software, or use a combination of the many marketing web services available, I think it’s important to make an effort to automate your marketing effort. Otherwise, in order to survive as a small software business, you’ll end up spending all time on marketing, and no time on software development (i.e. the fun stuff) and the other important business activities.

On the same note, I really recommend that you listen to the excellent I Love Marketing podcast. Episode 31 and Episode 59 are good starting points for new listeners.

Edit: Also recommended: Episode 24 of the ILM podcast has some really great insights on how to market your product by telling your customers about the parts they want to hear, avoiding the parts that scares them.

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A marketing podcast!!! Of course, the files are IN the computer. It’s all so simple.

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re: marketing/seo news site from the podcast

I’ve read every once in a while. It seems like hn but for inbound/seo/content marketing only.

From their about page:

The goal of is to enable great content from the world of inbound marketing to get noticed. There’s an amazing community of bloggers, marketers and enthusiasts passionate about non-paid channels like SEO, social media, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, etc. and we believe they deserve a site where sharing great content is controlled by them.

The articles themselves seem hit or miss, but there it is. Maybe its akin to what you’re looking for

I tuned in on the prospect of Andrey singing 80’s pop tunes. Instead, I got two guys rambling about “booty strapping” – whatever that is…

Really enjoyed the show, guys. Marketing talk is super-interesting because it leads to ** sales **. There’s never enough sales…

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We’ll soon be releasing a soundtrack to, featuring Andrey’s interpretation of ABBA’s greatest hits, and Ian’s “Ode to Walter White”.

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Geez, these folks have no RSS subscription?!

Ugh, found it:

Fell behind on some episodes and recently got caught (mostly) up. @andrey is now at the top of my “I need to meet in person” list.

Alright … but I’m an overly-affectionate drunk.

Haha. We’ve talked about a NYC meetup, you’re not that far. Maybe we’ll have to put that together soon.

Sounds good. Let me know when.