, Episode 25, "Devil's Advocate"

This week, we talk about dollar stores, dogs and babies, the new new Helpspot release, support contracts, requiring a credit card at signup, pricing and recurring billing, info-products, SaaS being unsatisfying, digging new holes, the point of growing, all software going to zero.

Download the episode, and take a look at the show notes.

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At the 55 minute you guys remind me of the purpose, autonomy, and mastery that was behind motivation.

Good episode, regarding the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ bit, there is another reason for building a business with staff etc, If Andy Bryce wanted to jack it in and sell his company, what would he sell? Rights to the software, yes, but beyond that, it’s his skills and expertise and product knowledge that IS the company.

If Ian wanted an exit, he can sell not only the product but also a big chunk of the expertise that goes with it, even if he wanted no further part of it, the company could carry on without him.

Yeah, it was getting kinda deep :smile:

Yes, that’s a good point. Most acquirers want to be able to absorb a complete working system not just a product. At least in a normal non insane SV acquisition. In that regard I think we’re still too small most likely as they’d be looking for a company that has a more formalized sales process, but we’ll probably get there eventually.

I’m starting at the beginning of your series, listening when I go for runs. I know I need to run more often when you are producing episodes faster than I can listen to them :slight_smile:

I listen to podcasts mostly when out running - I run distance so am always glad when I see a really long episode!