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Bootstrapped.fm, episode 19, "No Red Candy!"


In this episode, Ian and Andrey discuss Laracon EU, Snappy, web app activity tracking and analytics, Uberdeck, marketing as your primary daily activity, Andrey’s next app, native clients vs. mobile web apps vs. responsive design for a SaaS product, front-end web dev frameworks, annual SaaS billing, getting dumber, Vincent van Gogh, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Texas.

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@ian, American’s aren’t the only ones who don’t speak a second language. Aussies aren’t great either!


Ah, Aussies are basically American’s but surrounded by giant spiders and snakes.


WRT getting dumber:

“During the first two years of a baby’s life, its brain triples in weight, marking a period of explosive growth that will never be matched again in its life. Those early years are a crucial time for mental development, setting the foundation for adulthood. Synapses,
the connections between neurons in the brain, explode in number. We’re born with about 2,500 synapses per neuron, but by age three we’ll have around 15,000. From that point the number of neural connections actually begins to decrease. This explains, for example, why children are capable of learning complex language skills that intelligent adults find difficult to master later in life.”


Mental note: when Andrey speaks of getting dumber, he drops half a dozen f-bombs! No more speakers, headphones only, but if he continues to get dumber, why listen to the podcast!


And crocs. We wrestle those.


Everything I know about Australia, I learned from Crocodile Dundee movies and Outback Steakhouse commercials. So, I’m all up to speed, right?


Too right. We’ve gotta learn to hypnotise a water buffalo to graduate high school (mostly ride to school on kangaroos or emus though.)