episode 109: Andy Brice - Founder of EasyDataTransform

@andy and I discuss why he’s created a new product, even though he already has two successful products.

Listen to the episode here.

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What is the planned business price for Easy Data Transform? I just finished a bunch of DIY scripts to produce a few reports for our business based on a few large spreadsheets. Now I think I could have done that faster and easier with the EDT, but I need it to run automatically on a daily basis. Is it possible?

Also, I think the better name is Easy Tables Transform. Given that it doesn’t work with data in any format but tables, eh?

Good question. Haven’t decided yet. Maybe $99 per year per user.

If you leave it running it automatically detects that an input file has changed, runs the transforms and creates the output.

That doesn’t work if the input file name keeps changing though. You would have to point the input to the new file - which only takes a few seconds but is a hassle. I am thinking about how to make it work better for transforming batches of files or doing scheduled work.

It can also transform lists. ;0)

Also, naming is a nightmare. Don’t want to start picking at that scab again…

I was rather thinking of starting it from a scheduler with fixed parameters in the command line. Can it run headless? Sorry, did not have time to test yet, my bad.

In the first approximation, that is not an issue. I can always do some small script magic to rename the inputs into a predefined set of names.

However, some files are daily stats merged into a monthly one. Some months have 30 days, some 31. Sometimes 29. Would the transformation ignore a missing day’s file, or it is a hard error?

P.S. The result preview in the right pane is counter-intuitive IMHO. The panes are for instruments, I did not even notice the result for a while. The typical tools that I (and maybe other potential users) got used to have the flow on center-top and the result immediately under it, on center-down.

Not yet. But I have already started on the work for that.

I don’t think that will cause a problem. Depends on what exactly you are doing.

I think it works quite well. Putting it at the bottom means you can’t show many rows without eating into the transform graph pane. Also you can full screen it with one click.