episode 105: A new iteration

Listen to the episode here.

This is a short episode in which I share some news about the podcast.

Back in 2013, @ian and @andrey started the Bootstrapped podcast together.

Over the next few years they created more than 100 excellent episodes.

Now Andrey and Ian both want to concentrate on their core products. But instead of ending the podcast altogether, they’ve given me the opportunity to pick it up and continue with new episodes.

I’m grateful for this opportunity – I’ve been a loyal listener since almost day one, and I’ve learnt many things by listening along.

So starting with this episode, I’m the new host.

For now, I’m going to host the podcast alone, but that will change if I find the right cohost. In each episode I’m interviewing a bootstrapper, who can share with us their story. Hopefully we’ll have something to learn from each guest.

I’m aiming to release a new episode every two weeks.

Listen to the episode here.


Hi Steve,
Thanks for taking the initiative. And looking forward to the interview with Sylvestre.

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