Bootstrapped, episode 87, with Charles Perry

Listen to part one of Andrey & Ian’s conversation with Charles Perry (founder of Metakite) about what it’s like to start a new subscription-based mobile app, plus a lot more.

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I’m re-listening the whole podcast from the beginning, back-to-back. Currently at episode 17. Enjoying it like the first time!

Will get to 87 (or whatever is the latest one at that time), and will start from the beginning again.

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That’s dedication! ( or you have way too much free time :slight_smile: )

I’m listening when I’m running or driving.

I just like it. I used to like Bootstrapped with Kids about the same, but those guys are dead. :frowning:

WRT _David Smith’s business, keep in mind early on he created the app Audiobooks so he does “own” a prime App Store search term. One could argue his business model in general is more about finding a first mover advantage than throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall. On podcasts he has said he’ll read through the upcoming API changes and try to figure out what kind of app he can build that wasn’t possible before and be one of the first to market with it, like he was with his Pedometer++ app using the motion coprocessor. The use of new features also helps get his apps featured by Apple.