Bootstrapped, Episode 77, "... is somebody being bombed?"

Our guest in this episode is JD Graffam, owner of two agencies, Clear Function and Simple Focus, and several SaaS products, including Sifter, Pulse, and Ballpark.

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Great episode with someone who has a very smart mixed business model.

I did find him much harder to hear than the two hosts; perhaps do like some podcasts and have a mic you can mail to guests to try to ensure clear audio?

The number of followup (asking for more details) questions was small. As the result, the level of details was low, too. Or, rather, some of the details (e.g. criteria for buying an app, scaling up an app) were spread across the whole episode.

Then again, maybe I was just interested in some things, and the hosts in others.

I don’t think being spread across the entire episode was a problem.

Yeah, he needs to get a real mic for these interviews!

Great episode, thanks guys.

I didn’t really understand what your guest did until I listened to the podcast. Once I understood, he turned out to have some very interesting things to say. If you have him for a repeat appearance, I’d probably have some questions…

I don’t recall what he said were the three (?) things he does to an app he acquires to improve profitability: was it fix up support, fix up first time experience, and something else?

I think JD would be up for questions via Twitter. You can find him @jdgraffam.

I believe the third improvement to the website was page load speed.

Ah yes, that was it. That this was in his top 3 improvements intrigued me.