Bootstrapped, Episode 76, "Cleo"

We discuss the passing of Andrey’s dog Cleo, moving company business models, standing desks, where you can find real news, founder vacation time needs, Ian’s new ebook, Ian’s hackentosh, autonomous cars.

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The BBC’s Global News Podcast is a good way to get news in a format which is much calmer than US news outlets.

  • Sorry for your dog.
  • Can’t use standing desks - my back begins to hurt. Standing and walking around each 30 minutes instead.
  • There are no real news no more, only propaganda.
  • 2 weeks vacation is a must.
  • Gonna buy the e-book!
  • Macs are overpriced.
  • Can’t wait for self-driving cars.
  • Thanks for heads-up for No Man’s Sky being crappy.