Bootstrapped, Episode 72, "It's all going to $0, but in the meantime, we can make some money"

We discuss naps and meditation, new HelpSpot pricing, business ideas, is Andrey an introvert?, BaconBiz conf, Butov goes to Buffalo, new product work and ideas, and car leasing.

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Just look for car buying brokers in your area. There is usually plenty of services in large metro areas.

Why this even a question? :smiley:

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@ian Have you tried a ‘coffee nap’?

Basically you have a coffee then a 20-40 minute nap striaght after. When you wake up the caffeine has kicked in.

I’ve done this (unintentionally). It seems to work. At the very least, I don’t get the after-nap headaches as much.

I’ve been staying away from caffeine for the most part. Really messes up my sleep, even when I have only a little.

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It may be a case of lowered blood pressure after a sleep. I have it this way myself.

Coffee of course may help to fix it, but coffee itself is not a good thing.

I learned to fight my after-sleep low BP by doing some low-to-mid intensity exercise, typically jogging for 3-5 km. Listening “Bootstrapped” podcast at the same time. :slight_smile: Usually the headache is gone in 10 minutes.