Bootstrapped, episode 48, “Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo”

We chat with special guest Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo. We cover the full gamut from bootstrapping, VC, competing against Google, Perl, privacy, advertising, remote work, finding customers, biz dev and Gabriel’s new book Traction.

He’s really making the rounds, isn’t he:

PS - I really wish you guys had a transcript, even if it’s not perfect.

Yeah, he is but he was still interesting.

Transcripts would be nice I suppose.

Perhaps it’s just me, but maybe there are others in my boat: I simply don’t get anything out of listening to podcasts. If I’m doing something else (driving, coding, whatever), I concentrate on that, and so what’s said goes in one ear and out the other. I could make the time to sit down and just listen, but a half an hour here, a half an hour there is a fairly big tax on my time, especially when compared to reading, which for me is far faster than listening, and easier to do a few minutes here, a few there.

I realize that it costs money to get the transcripts done, so not everyone’s going to want to make that happen, and I’m cool with that. I just think yours happens to be worthwhile and I’d love to read it!

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Yeah, as we lose money on the Podcast it’s hard to justify the added cost of getting them transcribed. I’m hoping somebody comes out with an affordable podcast transcription service.

It’s just you. I listen to podcasts while driving, and I’m paying them full attention. Driving skills are automatic.

If I’m coding though, yes, I cannot listen - so I pause them.

P.S. There is a way to produce an automatic (hence pretty poor) transcription with Youtube:

Out of a sample size of two, we’re running 50/50 right now. I suspect that I’m in a minority, but over time I’ve read similar things from other people, though.

I live in Italy: driving requires constant attention:-) And I don’t have a long commute in any event.

Anyway, if they don’t have the money to spend on it, that pretty much settles the matter.

I prefer reading as well. I avoid most podcasts that don’t have a transcript for exactly this reason (Bootstrapped is the only one I listen to, and even then it lies on my disk for weeks before I get around to listening to it).

[quote=“davidw, post:4, topic:1975”]
If I’m doing something else (driving, coding, whatever), I concentrate on that, and so what’s said goes in one ear and out the other.
[/quote]I find I can get some listening in while exercising or doing yard/house work. For shows such as Bootstrapped with a lot of banter about personal topics and interests, perhaps a 2-3 paragraph summary of key business points would be more useful than a complete transcript.

I appreciate Ian continuing to fund the podcast; I wonder if summaries would improve discoverability of it.

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My preferences has changed over time. I used to prefer to read. Nowadays I prefer to listen.

It is just that when I have time to read I’d rather do something useful for my client or my side project. The only time I can get new information is when I’m driving or running on a treadmill, and that pretty much limits me to podcasts.

Uh, that explains. Driving on highways (or anywhere) in Canada is monotonous and boring.

Bootstrapped is the only one you need!

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More robust summaries probably would be nice I suppose.

I bus to the day job. I find that it creates time for me to work on the non-programming parts of my business, especially the parts where I just have to think about my options. If I don’t have any meaty decisions to make (hah!) or if my brain is just not at all in the business, I’ll listen to a podcast. If the podcast is good it’ll teach me something and/or inspire me so that that time isn’t just wasted.

To my knowledge, none of the podcasts I listen to have transcripts. If they did and I knew about it, I’d probably consume them a little more frequently, such as reading a paragraph here or there between tasks at work where I don’t think I could get into an audio podcast but I have like two minute gap in actionable things.

Rob and Mike have a transcript. It’s not perfect - it’s not edited, and sometimes you have to figure out what a word is, but for me it’s 100% better than having to listen:

If I’m on the bus, I’ll read with my Android phone.