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Bootstrapped, Episode 28 - Special Guest: Ruben Gamez


If you’re interested in content marketing be prepared to take notes. We also discuss the SaaS release cycle and lifestyle, working hours, business coaching and Andrey abducting Ruben.

Download the episode and view show notes here.


Great episode.

I do think it is important when you get started in (content) marketing to go where your potential customers are today. Building a blog, twitter following, list, etc are all really important, but they all take a lot of time to get going.

A hidden gem for us has always been http://www.quora.com. I personally can’t stand using it, but it was very easy to engage in real conversations related to our market. This isn’t the type of thing that will make a business long term, but it does provide a nice starting point.

Answering questions on Quora to drive traffic and users?

Yeah I hate that thing :smile:

Maybe will have to take a look though.


Another great episode. Although it doesn’t apply to me, I find any discussion about marketing very interesting. Like seeing how the sausage is made.

I agree with Ian about Quora – I avoid it but sometimes there’s interesting things you can’t get elsewhere.