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Bootstrapped, Episode 24 - "Batman Voice"


This week we talk about Batman, Software going to $0, Pricing again, Saas sucking, High school/depression, Business of Software Conference, A/B testing, Insurance, Andrey and me opening a coffee shop comic book store, Batman Arkham Origins, how we’re the Seinfeld of bootstrap podcasting, Everpix closing, soup delivery, $7.95 cupcakes, our side projects that make us no money.

Download the podcast and take a look at the show notes


Ian mentioned MicroConf and that he’d heard there are a lot of pre-launch founders in attendance. Since we have data on this topic I thought I’d share it. For MicroConf 2013, here is the breakdown:

  • 62% of attendees have launched
  • 28% are actively building their product (pre-launch)
  • 10% are in the idea phase

Another good show, gents!


Ah, awesome! We should haven’t known you’d have the data :smile:

Well hopefully you’ll see both our smiling faces this year.


Just listened. Man, you guys need to get some Happy Lights. :sunny: :wink:


Actually, I prefer my office be dark. I don’t even turn on the lights when I work at night. Darkness. Hoodie over headphones. Music to 11. Ready to code. :smile:


Didn’t even realize Rob joined the forums. Welcome! Awesome to have you on here.


Ha! You have one of those? Interesting. Kinda big.


Yeah, it’s kind of like someone took the sun and put it on your desk. But seattle calls for extreme measures. :slight_smile: