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Bootstrapped, episode 23 - "Clichély doing the cliché thing."


In this episode, we talk about Andrey finally leaving the house, street cred, Quintu, the work that goes into a typical SaaS app, implementing push in Uberdeck, OS X 10.8 update woes, git and distributed source code control, supporting developers vs. supporting end users, downloadable vs. SaaS, playing with SaaS marketing at an early stage of the product, being organized with marketing, tracking the marketing flow, onboarding, pricing based on volume, seasonal stores, celebrities in NYC, the new Panic office, and a day of doing nothing at work.

Download the episode and view the show notes.


To avoid the ugliness of virtualbox and the general hassle of provisioning VMs I’d recommend taking a look at Vagrant. The PuPHPet project is a neat way to get a generic server running PHP provisioned just so you can see how it works but Vagrant is easy and the amount of Puppet or Chef you need to know to is pretty trivial.