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Bootstrapped, episode 20 - "Hard Stop"


In this episode, Ian and Andrey discuss their appearances on other podcasts, depression caused by taking consulting work, how Andrey will structure his day, Apple keynote and how new hardware relates to mobile development, releasing software in the app store, SaaS searching tech and more.

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Hi guys! It might be just me but I found this episode a bit of an energy sucker. Normally you inspire me, but this time it seemed you needed a bit of inspiration yourself :wink:
Ian: I love your product HelpSpot and use it every day every hour. It’s great and saves me many hours. You should be very proud.
Andrey: Just create a product and work on the marketing somewhat longer. I know it’s hard but eventually it is the most rewarding. I’m easily living from my niche product now just by giving it a lot of care for years. Uncoupling your time from your income is key to becoming your own boss again.



Thanks Dave! Yes, I’d say this wasn’t our best work :smile:

I think running around a bit last minute with it put us in a bad place. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

I’m definitely super proud of HelpSpot, it’s still what pays all of us at UserScape so no worries there. The premise of the podcast was around talking about our new stuff and kinda starting up again so that’s why I tend to discuss Snappy more, but I should get some more HelpSpot stuff in. That’s probably a good idea for one of the episodes actually as HelpSpot has a lot more “enterprise” aspects to running it which I think could be interesting to discuss.

Thanks for helping with @andrey, if we can just get him to market what he has!!