Bootstrapped #117: Selling to Developers

Ed from OpenCage Geocoder and I talk about the marketing techniques that work - and don’t work - when you product is targeted towards developers.

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Would it be possible to make the podcast downloadable again in mp3 format?

Here’s the MP3 download link for this episode:

Our podcast hosting company has migrated our account to their new 2.0 version, and in the process we may have lost the automatic adding of the download link.

Thanks for the download link.

Nice episode again. I think that in any target group you’ll find a lot of variation in the skill set and domain knowledge. You’ll always be surprised about the questions the users ask!

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@David you might be interested in knowing that in the next episode (already recorded) we talk a little about AnyRail :slight_smile:

Hoping not to fall into a ‘slow chat’ here, I’m looking forward to that!