Bootstrapped #114: “The Tables are Turned”, with Craig Hewitt

In this episode I’m a guest on my own podcast!

Craig turns the tables and interviews me about Feature Upvote and about this podcast.

We discuss:

  • why Steve launched Feature Upvote when he already had a successful product.
  • doing things differently the second time around.
  • the beauty of “expansion revenue”.
  • B2C vs B2B (spoiler alert: B2B has a whole lot of advantages).
  • the Bootstrapped podcast 10 episodes into its new iteration.

Listen to this episode.

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Just a remark on the pricing discussion for Feature Upvote: You have a clear value metric: the number of productboards, and you pricing is aligned with that.

If you want to have a higher priced tier, my suggestion is to add “enterprise” features like custom domains, SSO, and the option to embed your service into a portal. Just list these features as available for enterprise plans, and then see how much to charge (features might require some customization in the beginning). And require yearly plans for this.

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Great and very interesting episode.

On a side note: Found this only by accident while playing with Apple’s new Mac podcasts app. Somehow completely missed the Bootstrapped reboot.

Thanks for bringing back the show, Steve!

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Thanks @jls!

I probably talked more about my own business in this episode than any other so far.