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Bootstrap Chat - A Slack based community for Bootstrappers


Hey folks,

I’ve noticed a few of these Slack based communities popping up lately and thought us bootstrappers might like something like this too.

I think it would be cool to just have a place to hangout with other bootstrappers and chat throughout the day. I don’t think this should replace or compete with the great forums here, but just another way for our community to connect.

I haven’t built any automation around this yet, still trying to see if there is enough interest to make it worthwhile, but I did throw up a quick form on my site. If you’d like an invite to Bootstrap Chat you can fill out the form or send me an email at nick@sysdoc.io. I’ll send out invites as fast as I can.

Feel free to share this with any other bootstrappers you know!




Here’s a digital nomad community that is built on Slack too, it’s such a cool tool to connect with other people. Great to see others using it past its “intended” purpose.



I was thinking about this the other day. Sounds good Nick, I’m in.


Great! Glad to have you.


Slack is getting that buzz now…

(The one entrepreneurs like to know about when something becomes “something.”)


Yea, it really does a great job. Could be the next ‘unicorn’ type startup, but for the B2B market.


I’ve gotten a pretty good response on this so far so I put up a quick site for the signup form. http://www.bootstrappedchat.com/ If you know anyone who would like an invite, you can send them there.

Invites are still a manual process so if you signed up and didn’t get anything from Slack please let me know.

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.


They are asking for credit card to join in and aren’t transparent about why


Yea I noticed the nomads list was charging to join now, not sure what that’s about. I’m not, and have no intention to charge for Bootstrapped Chat.


Thanks for inviting, didn’t work though - asking for username/password then keeps returning to the same page with no clear error message - is that the Slack problem?


hmm, not sure. You’ll need to create a username password to login to slack. If that’s not working, email me directly and we’ll figure it out. nick@sysdoc.io


IRC replacements come and go, but none of them ever managed to draw me in.

For the fun of it, I registered #bootstrappers on irc.freenode.net

It probably won’t go anywhere, but hey, what the heck. Indeed, it’ll probably be empty by the time you read this, as I’m going to bed soon! There’s also #startups, although discussion there isn’t very focused.


Nice! Thanks for doing this. I had this same idea, but I’m glad to see somebody beat me to it. Looking forward to joining.


bootstrappedchat com dead?

Is their slack chat still running? if so, anyone know how to join?




hey @nrcook , as noted before, if you are still around, the link to get invitations for your slack group is dead. Are you still maintaining it?


Looks like this might not be around anymore, so I fired up a new slack channel called Bootstrap Life. Would love to have a bunch of you awesome folks join up there. Here’s a link to signup: https://goo.gl/forms/s467q0YpaRyrk4OQ2 :slight_smile:


The problem with chats is that the more you are working – the less time you have to follow them, especially considering the Slack’s 10k message limit. Because of that, many communities of developers and entrepreneurs end up with more talkers than makers or just barely active.

In my opinion, forums are better suited for knowledge exchange and actually searchable.

I built a chat room for bootstrappers - Bored Hackers

Product Hunt launched a beta version of their “Makers” public goal list and it comes with a chat group:

They probably picked the idea from the WIP goal list which has a “maker chat” in Telegram but it’s $20/mo (or $150/yr), so I haven’t tried it yet.