Boostrappers using Zapier, or a similar product?

Hey I have a need for a service like zapier, but don’t currently use it. I need a service that lets me link two web services (web hooks) and allows me do some manipulation to the data in between.

I’m partially through building my own service to do this, but wanted to reach out to see if there is something already that could help me do this. If not, am I the only one that needs this?

I don’t use it but I think IFTTT is along those same lines

Zapier mostly works with existing services but is starting to support custom web hooks so you could roll your own services.

AFAIK there aren’t any transformation tasks you can place in the middle of two services.

They do support SQL rows so I think you could wrangle something together if you absolutely had too.

Would Yahoo Pipes work? Sounds like it might be something you should investigate if you haven’t already:

@mattm It seems it might do what I need, but man if that UI wasn’t so horrible that would sure be nice. haha!

@johnf I think you’re right. Close to what I’m lookin for but not quite on the SQL.

We have had Zapier support in our product for a while and recently started using it on our own as well. Overall it is fairly well done.

If you can make it work without writing code, I would always recommend that approach. If you keep using whatever it is you are trying to stitch together it will make doing the custom work in the future easier to justify.

It is still in early access, but you can try Latest project from the SendGrid Labs team.

Check out – Never used it myself, but I think it handles your exact need.