Blogs for Bootstrappers

I’ve been working on a list of blogs that are of interest to bootstrappers, and published it this week here:

However, I’d like to make this an even more killer list, and I’m fully prepared to add more to it. I was wondering if you have any other recommendations that I haven’t included there as recommended blogs. Thanks!

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Hey @ryanbattles - I found a few new one’s in your list that I liked so thanks for compiling. I’m a subscriber to your blog myself! :slight_smile: I’d love to hear your feedback on my bootstrapped blog -

Hey @JustinMcGill. Thanks for the link to your blog. You’ve got some great stuff on there, I especially like your transparency with launching your product. Just signed up for the email updates! :smile:

Thanks @ryanbattles - I appreciate the feedback!

you might want to make this into a OPML file so people can easily subscribe to all of the RSS feeds.

Hi Ryan,

may I be so bold and suggest my own blog for your list?

Stuff I do on my blog: