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Blogging as a Service?


Hey guys,

I know there was a blogging service for startups, but I can’t find it anywhere. Any of you know where can I find this service?



If you mean an agency which provides blogging as a service to startups? I know these guys do it http://futurecontent.co/


Thanks, but I think they are pretty pricey. What I’ve seen a few months ago was about $400/month content writing service exclusively for startups.

I need about 1 quality post/week on the SaaS marketing niche(I know that’s a big competition there, but also high demand), for the rest my VA will take care of that.


There’s http://audienceops.com/, but I have a feeling that’s pricier than you were expecting.


Hmm…i think i’ll go with UpWork, they are too pricey. I need something about $100/blog post and no email marketing and other stuff.