Biz Op: Amazon Inventory Tracker

Hey Folks,

Here’s another one. In the customers own words:

I work in the eCommerce/re-seller business. In particular I sell products on Amazon. Specifically Amazon FBA.

I source products to sell on Amazon via garage sales, pawnshops and thrift stores.

As my business is scaling up it is becoming more difficult to keep track of what we scoured for product in the field and the costs associated with it. Tracking COGS and the sources to monitor and report would be great.

The software would need to be something mobile so I can put in the costs, source of product and expected profits. It would also need to be linked to Amazon.

Yes I would pay for this software.

If the software worked properly it would save a lot of time tracking down this info on receipts and things. I could look at daily, monthly, yearly reports to see what are the best products to source and the best place to source over time. It would also be useful for tax time.

What you think of this one?

Justin :slight_smile:

Are these ones you’re looking to develop, or just sharing with everyone? I’m starting with selling on amazon myself, and I can see how this would be useful already. Would be interested in learning more about this particular person’s pain points.

Just sharing them. I have a lot of these :slight_smile: All of them from real folks with real pain points.

Here’s a little research that could help you develop the idea further:

Thanks…sounds like the next thing to do would be to understand where the obvious current player (InventoryLabs) falls short for folks.