Bitcoin for Payment?

Do you guys accept Bitcoin as one of your payment method?

We’ve had this discussion many times- search for it.

Meanwhile, here is a summary:

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We accept but nobody pays with it, so it seems useless.

Do you also accept stablecoins like USDC or GUSD yet? If not yet, why?

The only reason is lack of interest from buyers. If you would like to purchase a product using such currency, please let me know at and we’ll arrange it.

Well I think that the adoption of stablecoins for payments is still at its very early days. There are already a lot of good mobile and desktop wallets to store and transfer USDC and other currencies from the customer to the merchant. I wonder if you got any requests from your customers about that yet? Maybe for tether?

We have not received any requests yet, but we are open to hear them

What’s the point? I can spend USD everywhere in the world without a need for extra wallet. VISA has already solved that problem, thank you very much.

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