BigBoard: Smart dashboards that let you focus on what’s important

My team at The Outfit spent over a year bootstrapping BigBoard, our first SaaS product. We learned a ton of lessons and recently shipped something that we’re pretty happy with for 1.0.

We scratched our own itch but now it’s out in the open. I’d love to hear what you all think about it.

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Beautiful design… I like it.

some ideas:

  1. When I saw your homepage I though the product would be a black Big Board … with the content stream. Similar to Geckoboard. Why not having a view like that?
  2. Open the API, let people integrate their own internal tools with BigBoard.
  3. Have you thought of an Atlassian Confluence integration?
  4. In the "on boarding’, can you have a prepopulated BigBoard if I haven’t integrated with the services yet?

Good work.

Thanks so much for your ideas @fredguth. I’ll address your points by number because that seems to make sense:

  1. Since the product itself is responsive, we wanted to try to focus on the types of information BigBoard surfaces. This is certainly something we’ve wrestled with. Do you think it’d be more helpful to show the product in context?

  2. We have an API which is dead simple and super fun to play with. It’s one of my favorite parts of the app. Although, it seems we need to do a better job of promoting it on the site:

  3. We’re aiming to integrate as many services as possible but we hadn’t heard any requests for Confluence yet. I’ll add it to our list.

  4. During the on boarding process we display BigBoard events to give a sense of what your forthcoming activities will look. Unfortunately, we need users to authorize services before we can start showing them relevant information. Your point is well taken, though. We can definitely make that experience more engaging for those that haven’t hooked up any services.

I appreciate the feedback.

  1. Yes :slight_smile:
  2. An idea… where you show your integrations (homepage, services guide), create a logo for the custom integration and link it to your api page. I was looking for an api, and didn’t find.
  3. Maybe because Atlassian has something similar to your product built in theirs. I was a heavy user of all Atlassian software some years ago, haven’t used for a while, and I am just getting back to using it. If you find something relevant for their user base, it will be good for you. Plugins for confluence sell because most of their clients are companies and a lot of them software companies.