Beta Testers wanted for Keyword Rank Tracking tool

I am working on a desktop keyword rank checker/tracking tool.

It can run on your machine (windows/linux or mac) and here are the list of features

  1. Multiple URLs or sites can be monitored

  2. Multiple keywords against each site can be monitored

  3. It can track all the top X (10, 20, 50…) results

  4. It can also tell you where your site ranks in that result

  5. It will allow you to keep historical rankings

  6. Good set of reports and dashboards

  7. Apart from this, it also captures the Ranking Title and description for further analysis. Even if your site is not ranking for particular keyword, you can easily analyze what are the top 100 sites, their titles and snippets.

I want feedback and beta testers who can test this tool and suggest improvements.

If you think there are some important features you want to see in it please comment.

You may use this google form to enter your contact and suggestions

This will be a desktop tool so there will be no limit on the number of sites or keywords you can monitor. I will also provide a command line utility along with instructions on how to schedule daily or weekly scans automatically.

Thank you

How to request an access? I am interested.