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[Beta testers] Global flexible recurring payment service


Hi everyone,

We’re currently looking for more beta testers for a new service, http://peakium.com

If you’re having a service/tool/product you charge for on a recurring basic and are looking for better alternatives (paypal) this might be for you,

What our service does:

  • Recurring Payments
  • Accept payments on your terms, without altering your service, product or subscription model.
  • Works Globally
  • Located outside the United States? No Problem! We strive to make Peakium work globally. We’ll make it work with your current gateway or get you setup with one.
  • Easy Implementation
  • Essentially no development costs. In the beta period we’ll be helping you from A-Z to get you setup.

As this is still in private beta, I’ve kept it short as this is not a closed community.

If this sounds interesting, contact me at kasper@dreamconception.com and I’ll explain further about Peakium, as well as see how it may help solve your issues in regards to accepting recurring payments.


Your landing page looks pretty good, and easy recurring payments is something I think a lot of the people on this forum can use!

I’ve got two burning questions:

  • Do I need a merchant account?
  • Why Peakium, why not Stripe, Recurly or one of the other ones mentioned on these forums?


Let me clarify that right away @JaapRood,

Peakium handles the subscription process (and general payments). You can seamlessly switch between gateways, or use multiple payment options at the same time. It streamlines the payment process. So to answer your questions:

  1. Only if you use a payment gateway that requires so.
  2. Stripe is limited to credit cards and very simple subscription setups. Recurly is limited to merchant account based gateways, and keeps the subscription setup on their end. Peakium is about being as flexible and open possible, while taking care of all the heavy backend works necessary.

To understand more what Peakium is about, my recent blog post might help you: http://dreamconception.com/peakium/peakium-is-opening-up/