Best tweet of the year

Here you go. Here’s the best tweet of the year.



No DB too? I doubt it.

And of course I have to mention that it is not the file is generating $2K, but the product - if I take that file and put into my hosting it will suddenly generate $0.

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You seem to argue with that tweet but at the same time confirming what he meant by it.

Yes, it’s the product, not the code.

That was the point of the tweet: if you have the right product, it doesn’t matter that it’s built with a small amount of code in unfashionable language.

Business over technology etc.

And I sense that we all agree on it, you just seem to read the tweet differently that I do.


Okay, now imagine somebody created the same product based on no matter technologies/frameworks. Will this person generate the same amount of profit?

But it’s a job board. It’s not that bad if it loses some data or goes down for a while. Its future complexity is also limited by the nature of job boards.

Sorry then. It is not that easy to grasp the main idea expressed in meager 140 (now 280) symbols.

Yes, it does not matter what you do it with if it works… really… and PHP a lesser language, not so sure … but anyway… Nomad List already had a large audience of digital nomads… It is this audience that is the secret sauce here…

Very well done… smart…