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Best tools to set up a landing page


What’s your best tools for running a website for capturing leads? The things I look for are nice and unique design, analytics, multivariate testing and email capturing.

So far I always built all of these myself, probably from the fun of building these. Is this a waste of my time? Am I missing out on great tools?


Have you looked at leadpages?





I use Thrive Content Editor + some of their built-in templates


Lately I’ve been playing with launchaco.com (they have the “Build” link on top-right) which is a) nice-looking out of the box, and b) very fast to set up.
It doesn’t do any hosting for you, it’s just a nice html/css template which you can download and host yourself (e.g. on github pages).


Someone recommended me these ones:
thrive content builder
divi builder
visual composer
Elementor Visual Editor
visual builder