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Best of Bootstrapped.fm list


I’m interested in hearing what episodes of Bootstrap.fm have highest impact content.

If you were creating a Best of Bootstrap.fm list, what would be on it?


They’re all best! Everything I touch sparkles. :smile:


:slight_smile: I just listened to my first one, episode 21 with Andy Brice and loved it. Moving on to episode 18 with Chase Clemons next.


You seem to imply that Ian and Andrey need guests to be entertaining…



This implies that they are all also equally worst… :smile:


I think we need guests to be informative, we’re entertaining all the time!


Content is medicine, the entertainment aspect is just how it tastes going down :smile:

So far I’d give episode 21 five stars and episode 18 three. I just finished the one year anniversary episode and its at least a four star. No guests on that one so it must be something else that makes it special. I think its the raw practical experience of the hosts. You can’t buy that kind of insight.


Ok, so I went to beginning and started with episode 1. I’m hooked - need to listen to them all now.