Best marketing channel

What’s your best marketing channel? I’m looking for some inspiration.

I’ll start. Direct sales seems to have been the bear for me. So like emailing warm and semi-warm contacts and getting on phone calls with them.

But I don’t really enjoy this much (as compared to development).

I’m pretty active on twitter but I consider that more relation ship building. Haven’t seen a lot of direct results from twitter.

Also sponsored a conference with a but of swag and that seems to have worked fairly well too. Surprisingly.

It depends on your market. What is your market?

I get a lot of sales from just online ads. It can cost a lot of money, $1000-2000 per month but the sales it generates make it worthwhile.

I tried cold calling and even hired a sales person but the ROI was very poor.

Right of course. Amongst a variety of other factors. I’m just interested in hearing a bit from people in this community.

I’m an ecommerce email marketing plugin basically. It’s not something that I think a lot of people are searching for so ppc might be tough.

That’s awesome that you have paid acquisition cracked! I may just dm you to find out a bit more about that! :slight_smile:

I have found PPC is working pretty well. In my industry the search terms are pretty well defined so I am not sure if that is good or not. To make PPC valuable you need some cash reserves though, it costs me > $1000 p/m and I will soon probably spend twice that.

Hi @kalenjordan. Have you read Traction? It’s a useful collection of various channels and a framework for selecting one or more channels. Has a 5-step process: brainstorm, rank, prioritise, test, focus on what works. Of course, one point is that you do exactly what you’re doing now, which is see what’s worked for others :slight_smile:

I got pretty good at Adwords back in the day, which helped. I haven’t used it in anger lately so rather listen to @craigvn!

I also mailed a few bloggers which got my traffic kickstarted. And tried, in my limited ability, to refine my SEO somewhat. I was never an enthusiastic writer though. One thing that brought me content was getting customers who were asking for discounts to do write-ups of how they used the app, and add a few screenshots of their setup. I specifically said not to sugar-coat it and just write what their process was. I’d add the pages to the site and would have various natural-language (rather than salesey) pages, including foreign languages.

No I haven’t read it but heard about it. Heard a few interviews that Gabriel Weinberg gave - really interesting. I’m not too much of a reader unfortunately.

Interesting to hear about your experiences - thx for the feedback!

Hi Craig,

Have you tried the freemium model before selling via trial? I am currently doing freemium and wondering about the other model :slight_smile:

I have considered freemium but have not done it for a few reasons.

  • I think it would cost me too much in support for clients who are paying nothing
  • My entry level price of $19 is very cheap for someone that is running a business off the software.

I don’t think I have ever had someone ask for a free version of the software, they are used to traditional desktop vendors charging thousands of $ and anything reasonably priced is welcome.