B2C tech support service & "Fix My Googles"

I am used to being tech support for my family but now that a neighbour that I’ve barely ever talked to is asking me to help “fix my googles” enough is enough.

Can anyone recommend a remote tech support service I can refer them to?

Was also wondering if this would be a good model for something similar to WPCurve’s? (Monthly subscription for small remote tech support jobs).

(I’ve no intention of doing this - I get enough MS induced rage just keeping my own PC’s working).

There are companies such as http://www.myphonesupport.com which have a number to call for support. Pricing seems problematic, though. Perhaps there’s a local to you business which does house calls.

You could take the tech support as an opportunity to learn more about how people uncomfortable with computers interact with them and let that inform how you design/explain your software.