B2B bootstrappers I've got a small publicity opportunity for you

I’m chipping away at a new app for UserScape and in support of the app we’re putting together a blog that will feature guest posts from other companies in the B2B space.

Not just any B2B apps however. All the articles will be focused on how to better measure some aspect of your business. So if you’re app in some way improves or utilizes measurements, statistics, or does some kind of analysis I’d be interested in you providing a guest post for the blog.

This is also open to people whose product isn’t in such a space, but who they themselves have used some form of measurement to improve their business. Measurement is of course very broad. It could be something like Baremetrics where you’re measuring sales or Kissmetrics (just using well know examples here). Perhaps an interesting way to leverage Google Analytics or a tool that does something with HR data.

I’m trying to get ahead on the blog and have it start publishing before the app is ready (it’s still very very early). So the publicity won’t be huge, but it will get pushed out through my network and related networks. There’s always the opportunity for it to hit on HN, PH, etc.

You’ll be able to link to your app/service in your bio and from within the article if you have relevant other material on the subject (I’m cool helping with SEO juice as long as the article has the goods!).

I haven’t asked anyone else to write yet. I’m starting with the Bootstrapped family and will work outward from there as I can. I’m roughly planning an article every few weeks while in development.

I’ll be talking more publically about this in the coming month or two on the show and elsewhere, but for now it’s still under wraps. Sorry I can’t give more details just yet but it’s something that most businesses here should find useful and which generally meets my criteria of an existing category, not dominated by big players, that delivers outsized price to value ratio. More soon :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in writing hit me up in here or at ian at userscape com.