Automated social media posting with random function

I am looking at using something like where I can queue up my social media posts (Twitter/Facebook), but I would like them to be posted randomly (it chooses a random post, not a random time).

So I might have 100 posts and every day something will be sent out and it is set and forget, rather than me having to log in every day and add new posts. I will add new posts to the queue when I have new content.

What’s the difference between randomizing the output vs. just scheduling posts sequentially?

Probably nothing, that would be ok. The important part is the repeating, posts 100 and then starts again.

You could try that does exactly what you need.

What I try in the past was this:

  • Use meetedgar to republished XX amount of post
  • Use free tier to post two curated links a day to my buffer account
  • Use buffer to link quuu to Twitter.

This way I managed to publish two curated articles and three random posts from my blog a day. By mixing the articles from quuu and the post from the blog I manage not to look completed like a robot.

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+1 for Quuu. It’s awesome and has saved us a ton of time by keeping our social media schedule full.

Thanks for the suggestions.