Automated Product Tour

I am currently running an early beta for my app and am starting to look at the UI/UX of an automated product tour for new users. I’ve done some research and it looks like Joyride seems to be pretty popular. Just wondering what others here have used and what success they have had with these product tour design patterns.



I’ve been evaluating a few external services like WalkMe and TourMyApp. WalkMe is apparently very very expensive (just google it!) although it works well, and is very flexible. I think TourMyApp will work for us though it’s not as good.

Why an external service? This is so I can move the tour definition and messaging out of my role and let our marketing guy work on it independently. It means that changing the tour no longer gets blocked by other dev tasks.

As a one-man shop, maybe Joyride makes more sense

Interesting, never even thought about external products. I think I will stick with joyride or something similar, but it’s good to see other examples like Walkme and TourMyApp.

Thanks for the info!