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At what point can I send private messages?


There seems to be a concept of private messages on this discussion forum. But I don’t seem to have any access to it. How do I “achieve” or “unlock” access to private messages?


When you go to a user’s profile page, i.e. http://discuss.bootstrapped.fm/users/steve/activity do you see a Private Message button?


These are the current settings to become a basic level user which would let you send private messages

I believe doing any of those will move you to the next level which allows most things.



That link gives me this:

“Oops! Something went wrong.
We’ve been notified and will fix it ASAP.”


No I don’t see a Private Message button


Yeah, I hear Droplr is down. Basically post 5 topics, read 50 topics, read for 15 minutes of time. I believe these are OR so any one of these will do it. Since I know you though I’ll move you now.