As Bootstrappers does anyone have trouble hiring? What do you do?

Hey all,

We will be looking for our 'first employee soon, likely an iOS developer. I was wondering if there was anywhere that early stage startups, that are looking to hire their first employee (pre-seed/seed) that have a platform to advertise their startup stories for the sole purpose of attracting new talent?
I had an idea that I would create one connected but separate from our brand on Medium, but I didn’t want to start a new project that might have already been done. Our angle would be purely from a hiring and growth perspective.

I guess I have two questions.

  1. Does something like this already exist?
  2. Would you (or any other company you know that struggles to attract talent) be interested in having your startup featured in a project like this.

Thanks in advanced for your thoughts!

P.S. The companies would only need to answer these 5 questions for the project:

  1. Tell us about your startup and what unique problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Have you established a company culture, what’s it like?
    3.What kind of people would you like to join your company?
  3. What 3 things make your company a worthwhile place to work?
  4. What’s your 5 year vision for your startup (as a business, team and set up etc.)?