As a solo developer and Bootstrapper, I need some advice from you guys

Hi all!
My name is Mustafa, I’m marketer and programmer.
In the last 2 years, I have built and launched a couple of websites and apps, all of them didn’t see any significant growth or generate any sufficient revenue to live from.

Now, I have two ideas (1 SaaS and 1 Marketplace) and I want to focus on one in the future and give it 100% of my time and effort.

Your opinion and feedback would help me take the right decision.

Idea 1: [alpha is live]
Dyform is a way for website/app owners to communicate with their users. Long term objective: be something like for small biz.

First product is live now and lets you receive the message from your “contact us” form into the Dyform dashboard and reply to it. After polishing this feature, I will add in-app messaging and smart replies based on the message’s content.

Idea 2: [wireframes stage]
Kompano is a P2P mentoring/consulting platform for developers, designers and internet entrepreneurs. The idea is to have sparring partners to exchange knowledge with them for free. This is very helpful for self learning programmers, solo entrepreneurs and designers who want to improve their skills but lack money/network to do so (like me ;)).

The business model of Kompano is to let people provide some additional services in exchange of money and we will take a small cut.

I really like Kompano more but think Dyform is easier to make money with… But i’m really lost and would love to hear your option on this issue.

Thank you for reading and feedback :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

Hi Mustafa - welcome to the forums!

At first glance, the Dyform home page looked incomplete to me and I don’t see it’s value compared to other solutions already out there. Will be difficult to compete against some of the big players.

I like the idea of Kompano. How would it act differently than a message board such as this?

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Thanks Shane for the reply!

The current Dyform site/ app was built in 1 week and isn’t ready yet. It’s there for me testing.
The product isn’t ready by any mean to compete with serious players, it’s just the start.

Kompano will use instant-messaging as it’s main communication medium. I think this will eliminate the fear that some folks have when talking with strangers.

It’s like having a developer buddy on Slack who can help you with a problem you are having, and the other way around.