As a founder, would you find this resource valuable?

I had an idea recently to create a website where I put together a curated list of books, podcasts, conferences, websites, tools and people that would be useful to founders.

It would be kind of like Wikipedia for entrepreneurship. For example, if you viewed the page for the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast, there would be an associated Rob Walling page and Mike Taber page. I would say that if you like Startups for the Rest of Us, maybe you’d like Bootstrapped with Kids and Smart Passive Income.

Unlike Wikipedia, everything would be from my personal perspective and I would include my own subjective opinions. A dry presentation of facts would be boring and not super helpful, I think. It would actually be almost more of a review site than an encyclopedic site.

Obviously, the maintenance of this resource could turn into a colossal undertaking, but let’s not focus on that for now. What I’m curious about is whether people would find this valuable.

This idea stems from my own desire to discover podcasts, books, etc. that are worth my time.

Would you find this valuable?

There are “awesome” lists on Github, including startup/indie tools. I don’t find them useful because it’s a noisy approach. As a founder, I constantly struggle with too much information and decision making. And these lists are overwhelming.


I think this idea works if you already have a large number of followers and are an authority in some niche.

People regularly checkout Bill Gate’s yearly top 10 recommended books. Would anyone care about checking out Akash’s yearly top 10 recommended books? Nopes.

@akash Good point.

(FWIW I would read Akash’s yearly top 10 recommended books. :smile:)


I’m not sure the Wikipedia model (articles, search, cross-references, etc.) would really fill any unmet need for me, but some sort of hierarchical directory a la Yahoo! just might. I’m picturing a use case where I’ve got a specific need in the business, and I need to come up to speed fast. It’d be nice to be able to click a few times and find the best 4-6 resources on Facebook ads, landing page design, hiring a developer, etc.

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Hey @chriskottom! Long time no talk. Thanks for the feedback.

Sounds like this is probably a relatively low-value idea. I’ll keep thinking.

From what I know about Wikipedia, it is a lot of work. Are you sure you have time for something like this?

Count on that nobody going to help you with that, at least in the first 10 years. :wink: