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Article: Throw out best practices, double email conversion


An interesting short article including stats on how changing to mobile friendly email templates caused a huge shift in conversions.


Nice example.

  • If you want more users to complete an action, make it simple and minimize distractions.
  • If you’re asking people to do something that mainly benefits you, make it a personal request.

A + B -> greatly increased compliance rates for your review requests.

There are many other areas where those rules can be applied, it’s not unique to the fact that they were concerned with actions on mobile devices. But the reduced interface on a mobile device does heighten the impact of usability issues.

As an aside: “You won’t tweak your way to a eureka-moment” is disingenuous. Testing isn’t about “tweaking your way” to anything - it’s about verifying whether or not a given change is actually your “eureka moment.”