Article - Bootstrapping Side Projects into Profitable Startups

I found this this article (warning, longish) rather interesting. It’s essentially a story about trying lots of things, keeping costs low, pouring gas on the one that’s taking off – and oh yeah, don’t forget to actually charge money.


Lots of really good tips in that article. Like, put a Buy button on your new website from day 1, even if you are not yet charging or have much of a product yet. That way, you can gauge whether people are actually prepared to hand money to you.

put a Buy button on your new website from day 1


We recently released a beta version of our existing Windows App for Mac OS X and included the full sales funnel. Imagine my surprise when we received a few sales.


This was an interesting read… lead me through a rabbit hole that was quite interesting to read… Actually lead me to the guy who created the … and Nomad List… which I actually love…

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