Archbee: Architecture diagrams for software development teams

Hello everyone,

I just launched my first product:

It’s an opinionated way to build architecture diagrams that makes it easy to build beautiful ones and share with your teams.

Thank you for taking a look!


Looks nice :slight_smile: but I didn’t get if users can create only diagrams shown in the video?
Also, IMHO prices are crazy high :wink:

Thank you! Yes users can do the same even on the Free tier.

If your angle is diagraming, then I think the price is too high. Based on this line though I have a feeling you’re aiming for something else:

Generate Docker&Kubernetes config files.

But the landing page isn’t convincing enough to justify the cost for me.

Yes, I am trying to get to the ‘useful’ domain. Not just graphics.
For single people, yes, it doesn’t make sense, that’s why I it’s free.
But for teams of 10-15 developers, it is worth it. I can confirm as I have 2 Startup subscriptions.

But costs aside, what did you think about the product, UX, etc? Thank you for feedback.

I probably was not clear… I was asking if users can do only diagrams with zones shown in your video, or there are other types of diagram?

Sorry, I misread your question. Yes, systems architecture is the only type of diagrams you can make for now.