Anyone use

I got a cold email from serchen who I’ve never heard of before. Has anyone used them successfully? What is the cost and what is your product?

Hey Scott,

I have not heard of this site before, but if it’s anything like the others of this nature that I’ve come across it’s probably not worth it.

I think there is merit in paying to get listed in some places, but those places should cater specifically and uniquely to your audience. That site is clearly totally generic and I have to wonder how many of your potential customers are roaming through there.

I am listed on one such enterprisey site and I get nothing from there. Oh, except regular emails to ask me to pay them to move to their s\Super Gold program or whatever. No thanks.

Cheers man. Hope you’ve been well since Microconf.


I used them for the most basic package, not a lot of traffic back

They constantly email me to try to sell me their service, even though I’ve told them I’m not interested. It’s quite annoying and I should probably just mark them as spam.

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Do not use Serchen!! Stay away from them!

After much pestering I thought I would give them a try and spent $900 on a basic listing back in January. The campaign was a disaster and last month I requested a refund. They would not give me one. To show you the difference between what I was promised and what I got, here’s what I said in my refund request email:

(When negotiating the sale Serchen’s sales rep said…) Visitors for Idea Management are 80,000 visitors per quarter with a 3.5% CTR". I specifically asked about this as it all seemed too good to be true. This implies 2800 clicks per quarter. I was the only paid advertiser on the Idea Management page and had a nice steady stream of reviews so you’d expect i’d get a 2-3.5% CTR. I did not. I got 145 visitors.

What’s more they could never produced any evidence that they get the visitor volume that they said they do.

Anyone can PM me if they want to find out more.

Thanks for your replys and experiences everyone! I wasn’t thinking too highly of them, but figured I’d ask.

I’m definitely passing.

Are there any out there that have been successful for people? I’m thinking of and as others who have contacted me. I’ve always been pretty skeptical of these types of businesses, but maybe it works for a specific type of business/instance?

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Same here, Serchen are a nuisance. Despite previous requests for them to stop emailing me they still persist. I just flag all their post as spam now.


They keep emaling us too! We were about to pay them and luckily I saw this! Could you PM me some more details? I was not able to PM you.