Anyone tried

We’re thinking about listing our saas app at , it’ a $200 one-time fee… Anyone tried this?

I haven’t tried them, but that doesn’t stop me from loudly proclaiming my ill-informed opinion: don’t waste your money, unless they can offer clear-cut evidence that most people paying that money earn it back many times from the sales boost.


I might consider it in the same way I’d consider buying a link from an authority website to link back to my service. Since Jitbit fits in with the customer support area, the link authority alone might be worth $200 to get better search exposure and increased PageRank/page position. Just a theory, and Google’s changes to algorithms on a near-monthly basis could invalidate it at any time, but the content is relevant and that site does seem to have some authority of its own.

If you have some marketing budget and wanted to try an experiment, I would say it’s worth it. If that’s all you’re going to do, you might want to explore other avenues first as there’s no guarantee it will work (per Steve’s comment, unless you find a prior happy user).

The fact that ZenDesk is advertising heavily on there tells me there’s some value in it to them, and possibly to you as well.

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@daverodenbaugh thanks, makes sense. I think I’ll consider paying, will let you all know

PS. Zendesk is funded. I.e. has endless marketing budget unlike us, bootstrappers :slight_smile:

Oh definitely–so this means it’s a paid acquisition channel for them. Clearly their CAC is less than the LTV for this kind of customer, or they wouldn’t be doing it. Just pointing out that Zendesk is smart enough to not throw money away at this point.

I am considering using it for , looking at some of the plans that include a review. The review and distribution across multiple outlets is the alluring aspect for me. That’s marketing exposure I would likely not get otherwise. Plus the value of a review with link backs and the content to help with seo.

Tried for a year and stopped recently. Their USP is that they claim to bring highly motivated buyers because those buyers have already clicked through one of their ads to a list of products. Similar to Capterra.

We are grandfathered at the $3 CPC rate, and I think new accounts are at $4 CPC. Regardless, our Cost per Conversion was higher than most other places at an average of $47 per conversion to trial. This wasn’t sustainable so we are taking a break for now.

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I contacted their support to ask if the “review” or “listing” have a link to my website. I suspect not. They’re having some redirect script that counts clicks/conversions… Hence it’s not worth it.

They’re not answering, hehe

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Just wanted to follow up on this conversation. Did you list with GetApp jitbit? We’re also considering this same question. Thanks!

Nah, I figured it’s not worth the price

If you see their source code, there’s no direct links to the apps’ websites. So, they won’t increase your page rank, if that’s your motivation.

Besides, they hide their pricing, and that’s something I don’t like at all.

I agree with you, it isn’t worth it.

Don’t do it.

I share in this same forum 2 months ago, how to determine if it worths to spend your $$ on that. Capterra to promote vertical market software

In this other thread / forum, I shared more info and data about what a client of mine had in return after paying a fee highly superior that those $ 200 you mention. (it’s in spanish, but data and charts speaks all languages)


Paid $500 around Christmas last year - got a 50% discount or so, but it didn’t worth it for me, not a single cent :frowning:

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Have not tried getapp yet because of its cost. But i have listed my product on “TechieApps” and I am getting quite a good response. Try it.

Yeah I’ve had GetApp pitched to me on numerous occasions. Not a fan, wouldn’t pursue it.

GetApp focuses on providing accurate information and discovery tools for end-users looking for business software, mostly SaaS, for their growing small business (20-100 employees).

GetApp plays an important part in the discovery process of software, which is the biggest obstacle facing most software vendors and prospects. Many early SaaS vendors might try GetApp (or other marketplaces) and be unsuccessful because they haven’t figured out their own benchmarks (LTV, CAC, conversion rates) for marking the success of a campaign, can’t track properly, and don’t yet have repeatable processes.

We would agree that GetApp is better suited for mature companies who have figured these things out. But if you can afford it, GetApp will give you permanent exposure on search engines and you will rank highly in comparisons against your top branded competitors who are spending more marketing dollars. Many of our smaller clients are benefiting from this leverage effect.

As SaaS vendors are growing, they understand that end-user acquisition is a process. As an example, the model of last-click attribution referred to in this thread is truly outdated - splitting conversion attribution across various channels is a more accurate measurement of the influence and success of an acquisition channel. We can share with you that for some clients, up to 40% of their total leads generated have been influenced by GetApp, including last click and assisted conversion.

The way GetApp can help with SEO is not related to the listing links (this would be against Google´s SEO best practices). However, when our editorial team gets to know your product, they can eventually refer to it in their editorial articles, which may include a deeply embedded follow link to your product pages from our highly ranked blog. The editorial team is working independently but they do find information about business apps using our catalogue, amongst other sources of information.

Along the same lines, we see that in the SaaS space, the importance of end-user reviews is growing. We understand the large role that reviewers play in the decision making process of a prospective buyer and we provide a unique forum for vendors to interact with clients and showcase their attentiveness to customers by responding to user reviews. This would be another benefit of being on GetApp in the long run.

Don’t consider GetApp as a traditional directory, where you “fire and forget” a listing. We help you build a long term online presence in your industry. This requires time, effort and marketing investment. This is clearly a long term project, and clients like Zendesk and others, including bootstrap companies, have been working successfully with us for years.

We would be excited to work with any of you to understand your need. Please reach out and we´ll get back to you.You can contact me at

I have used Getapp and Capterra and found out they both work on pretty much the same business model…
I have also listed my product on DiscoverCloud a direct competitor of both.

They have a a few pricing plans that pretty much fit everyones need… hope this helps!

Interesting how all the positive recommendations for come from sock puppet accounts. Look at @Val and @FrancoisPichon. They have only posted one message in a year, and it’s been OMG! GetApp so good! Because I say so! Evidence not needed.

I think that tells me all I need to know.


I found Capterra listed very high (normally first) for my most common keywords, so I have used it in the past for paid advertising. I find the competition and price is getting expensive now. I looked at GetApp and couldn’t see it ranking at all for my keywords and would be very surprised if my target market went to it directly.

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We tried Capterra CPC for a couple of weeks (same reason - they rank very high on our keywords, using some shady stuff tho) - the conversion rates on the visits they sent us were MUCH lower than our average traffic. I.e. spent a couple of hundred dollars, had zero signups.

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